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CDL A Program

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Pacific NW Professional Driving School was founded by truckers and truck company owners to provide Washington State approved CDL training to aspiring truckers from around Washington State. Are you ready for a secure, high-paying career? Financial assistance is available, and we accept the GI Bill.

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CDL A Program

Here’s the outline of our CDL A curriculum—giving you an idea of what to expect. It’s based on our daytime classes--8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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Bus Endorsement and Hazmat Classes

We offer classes for the Hazmat and Bus Endorsements at both Tacoma and Kent. Classes are scheduled depending on student enrollment, and they are in addition to your CDL A Class.

The Hazmat Endorsement training requires 16 additional hours of training.

The Bus Endorsement training course requires 30 additional hours of training, and takes 1 week to complete.


Your first week covers all of the theory learning you need to be a trucker. We’ll cover the topics with a mix of lectures, demonstrations, videos, and book work. These topics all apply to your field training and driving.

The topics include: Introduction to Trucking, Control Systems, Hours of Service, Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Systems, Basic Control, Shifting, Backing, Coupling and Uncoupling, Visual Search, Communication, Space Management, Speed Management, Night Driving, Extreme Driving Conditions, Hazard Awareness, Emergency Maneuvers, Skid Control, Accident Procedures, Fifth Wheel, Special Rigs Maintenance, Recognizing and Report Malfunctions, Personal Health, Trip Planning.

You will then be ready to take the DMV commercial learner’s permit and endorsement written tests.


Your first week of field training includes a range of topics, including vehicle systems and inspection, the Fifth Wheel, Preventative Maintenance, Recognizing and Reporting Malfunctions, Pre-trip and Trip Planning, and Emergency Maneuvers.

You’ll get in the truck for range and road training.

You'll learn how to do Straight Line Backing, Offset, and Right and Left 90° Alley Dock.

This foundation week makes sure that you can inspect the vehicle, describe the engine controls, know when a malfunction occurs, and perform emergency maneuvers—and begin to master the art of backing the truck in multiple ways.


You’ll continue with your laboratory work with range and road training.

We make sure you have plenty of practice with Straight Line Backing, 90° Backing, and Cornering.

You’ll have experience driving in light traffic as well as develop your speed/space management skills.

Your management of pre-trip checks, in-cab inspections, and lane control will increase.

This third week is your week to practice, work on skills, and become more confident.

Student Success!

I really liked it and it was really easy and fast to get Class A CDL license also the facility is huge and you can easily practice here.
- Rohullah Wafa


We’ll solidify the foundation -- Pre-trip planning and in-cab inspections.

You’ll work on the major driving skills: Entering and Exiting Freeways, Lane Control, Speed Management, Backing Skills, Measured Turns, Starting on an Incline, as well as driving in Medium, Heavy, and City Traffic.

At the end of the week, you have all the skills you need to pass all three road skills tests to earn your CDL A license.

When You Succeed, We Celebrate Your Success At Pacific NWPDS!